366 Days Later

What has changed?


“What’s that?”, she asked me, looking at my phone curiously.

“A text message, Happy Birthday”, I was smiling.

“WTF! It just clocked midnight, not even a minute past 12. I’ve been here for the past two hours waiting to be the first. Who the hell was that?!”

“Sweetie, that was my dearest Gentilezza. She’s the best! And no one can compete with her!”

I can hardly believe it’s been a year since that happened. I look at myself in the mirror, and not a lot has changed, but looking back, everything is different. For one, Husna wasn’t in my room at midnight this time around, and come to think of it, neither was I, at least not the same room I was in last year.

By this time last year, I was having my present-opening-ritual: For the one present I got. When people come into my room and see my Japanese wind chime hanging on my window, they always say the the same thing, that I watch too much “Heroes”. I just smile, because they’ll never understand.

When Jidda gave me that wind chime, she said it was a good luck charm. I don’t know if she said that because she saw the disturbed youth in me, or was simply trying to find herself inside me, and whether or not I believed it really was good luck, I will always cherish the thought that someone cared to save me, even if it is in the most unusual way.

So almost 24 hours ago when my birthday clocked, I got a call.

“… do you feel any different? What has changed?”, the caller was asking.

Lets see…

I wrote a screenplay for a short movie. I don’t really know where the idea came from, but everyone that read it said it sounded like a blend of Quentin Tarantino’s Pulp Fiction and the TV series Entourage. Everyone except my mother, who when she read, sent me a long email about sex, STDs and safe sex. I still have no idea how a discussion about my club-movie script lead to sex. Well now you know where I got my dirty mind from. Hahaha, No I’m just kidding. My mom is one of those very rare specie of people who always put others before themselves. She’s an angel, and I love her very much.

I had my fair share of girl problems, and although he is not Dr. Phil, RealT was always there to listen. How often do you find people who’ve been friends since they were too young to know what friendship was? We’re among the rare few. With RealT by my side, gettin’ dumped has never been so much fun. But that was just a figure of speech, nobody dumped me, hahaha.

As a first child, I was never used to someone who wasn’t my parent telling me what to do. So when I tried to make bad investments (Yep I’m also an investor. Surprised?), who came saving me? When I had my great script ideas who did I pitch them to first? My brother from another mother! Thank you very much for being there Mubarak.

I never really understood the concept of a parallel universe. How can there be another me living in another earth at the very same time as me? I thought it was complete bull, but not anymore. What if the parallel universe is the same planet earth we live in, and the other person is just another you in the opposite sex? What if the whole parallel thing means living in totally opposite sides of the world? If that’s so, then I think I’ve found me. I’m Sue, and Sue is me. And for every night we spent bitching about the shit that annoys us, I felt lucky to find someone who goes through the same shit that I do.

My screenplay went through so much rewrites it could have passed for a different movie, but I finally made it. I used all my money, and was completely broke for “traction”, the movie. But after a series of miscasting, letting go of undedicated actors, and several on set rewrites, traction finally saw the light of day, and that was one of my happiest moments. I cut and edited it in a hurry to get into a film festival, but unfortunately the judges didn’t understand a thing about it, so it had no awards. But that didn’t matter because the movie got an audience, and they loved it. The greatest joy though, came when my father, who doesn’t ever watch movies and never really agreed with the various hobbies I had through the ages from martial arts and photography, to writing and painting to whatever the hell I felt like doing at that time (He just wanted me to study hard), called me to tell me he watched “traction” and was proud of me. That was awesome!

A lot has happened in the 366 days following my last birthday: I started my Artificial Intelligence thingy, and the only birthday mate I know completed his complicated final project. Umar and KayZ moved out from our apartment, and moved in together (Not that kind of “moving in” you dirty minded people), then Umar left for INTI with Yana and Mubi. Husna left for Stamford, and Jidda to CyberJaya. I fell head over heals for the weirdest girl I would never have guessed I’d like, and made a girl friend who always found a way of bringing rape-talk into an already awkward conversation. Became good friends with the cutest SSA survivor ever who was always ready to act stupid with me and supported me in whatever I did, no matter how silly it was (Samush your kids are so gonna be Ajebos!). I pushed my comfort zone by starting to talk with people I never would have. But most importantly, I found a way to suppress that urge in me 2 always correct people that in trying to sound smart, give out wrong facts.

So do I feel any diffrent? Maybe not. Has a lot changed? Definitely!

In my attempt to appear smarted than I actually am, I googled a friendship quote I heard a while ago which I really liked, but unfortunately I can’t seem to find it again. So let me just say it like I remember:

Friendship is a full time job, and although I may be a lousy employee, I want you to know that I love you all very dearly!


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  1. 1 RealT April 10, 2008 at 7:01 am

    Dude… nice one man.

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