EC – Uncertainties I

“Where the hell do you think you’re going?! I’m not finished yet!”, yelled Mariam, a very beautiful young woman in her mid twenties. She had a petite figure which made her look a lot younger than she really was. She was in a heated argument with her younger brother, Aliyu.

Aliyu was already at the door. He stopped for a second and turned to look at her; anger in his eyes.

He didn’t say a word. He just took the car keys that were lying on the stool beside the door and walked out.

Just before he slamed the door behind him, Mariam yelled something at him again, but he couldn’t hear, and didn’t care.

Aliyu wasn’t a respectful brother, or the most humble person, and he even wasn’t trying.

Some twenty minutes later, a BMW 1 series belonging to Mariam was held up in traffic. It was around 6pm, the rush hour in Abuja. Aliyu didn’t care, because he didn’t really have any intentions of going anywhere in particular.

He was so deep in his thoughts that he didn’t remember his dad was coming back from Capetown later that evening, or the fact that Mariam needed the car for an outing, and the Calculus assignment he left undone on his study table was due the next day.

He was tired and furious, and wanted to go somewhere to cool off; nothing else mattered.




The honk of an impatient driver awoke Aliyu from his deep thoughts, and he realized the traffic lights were already green.

To an onlooker, Aliyu had it all: Girls, looks, popularity and filthy rich parents.

But what most don’t know was that he was troubled. Very troubled.

At some point in his life, Aliyu had all the 3-Letter-Disorders you could possibly think of: OCD, ADD, TBD, OCC… If it was a disorder, he’s got it! He had been to psychologist all over the word, and took all sorts of meds, injections and the occasional hard drugs common with disturbed teens.

It was the combination of all these things that made Aliyu a teenager like no other!

He parked outside Grand Square, the biggest shopping mall in Keffi, a satellite city of Abuja. He had driven 112 miles to another city just to avoid meeting anyone he might know. He needed that “alone time” to cool off.

What he didn’t know was that stepping into that mall, that day, at that time, was going to change his life forever…

Continue with EC – Uncertainties II, here.


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