EC – Uncertainties II

This is the second part of my Uncertainties series, if you haven’t read the first part, it’s here.


A petite figure of a lady in her early twenties was crying in a dark room somewhere in Abuja. The electricity was not out; Mariam just preferred the dark, it gives her the false feeling of security.

The window adjacent to her was slightly open, letting in a tiny stray ray of moonlight into the room. The light hit her face revealing tears still flowing down her cheeks.

Most people cry when they loose control or give up on something. To Mariam, crying was a way of justifying her actions. A way to tell herself that what she did was the right thing even when it isn’t; Especially when it isn’t!


Several miles away in a rainy part of the city, Ahmed, Mariam’s boyfriend, was in his own bedroom. Unlike his girlfriend’s, his room was well lit, and he was admiring his muscular body in front of the mirror. He works out three times a week at a local gym a couple of blocks away from his apartment.

Tonight, his mind was on Mariam and why she didn’t call him as promised. He was beginning to think what his friends said about her cheating on him was true. He tried as much as possible not to listen to gossip, but that’s hard, especially when it’s about someone you are in a relationship with.

Ahmed flipped open his black Motorola V3x. The wallpaper was a pretty picture of Mariam smiling on their last trip to the beach. Her number was number 3 on his speed dial, he called…

“Hello you have reached -“

It was her voice mail again. This was the third time he was getting it. He hung up without leaving a message and threw the phone on the bed. He found a white T-shirt in his closet and slipped into it and without looking for an umbrella, he walked out of the apartment into the cold rainy night…


Aliyu opened his eyes not knowing where he was. As his eyes adjusted to the darkness he began to make out sketchy shapes in the darkness. A little while after, he realized he was in a room; well not a room really, more like a warehouse. It looked like he was
alone, but he couldn’t be sure because his eyes could only see so far.

The last thing he remembered was finding a parking space right in front of Grand Square. After that, things started getting blurry, and then they went totally blank.

He reached for his Cell phone, and found it was still there. Mariam was number 1 on his speed dial, he called her –




“Hello, Mariam?” said Aliyu, trying to conceal his fear and anxiety on the line.

“Oh, Aliyu! Thank God!” said a concerned female voice on the other end. “Where are you?”

“You’re not Mariam… Who is this?”, Aliyu knew his sister’s voice, and this wasn’t it, but it was quite close.

“Aliyu, calm down… it’s your mother. Where are you? I’m coming to get you”, said the mother.

“What?” shouted Aliyu. “Who are you? I have no time for pranks. I know my mom died years ago, so cut the bullshit and give me Mariam. I really need to speak to her NOW”.

Aliyu was loosing the little cool he had.

“It was Mariam that died years ago Aliyu. Did you take your meds today?, asked the concerned mother.

There was a long silence. What the hell is happening?





The Door opened. Water was dripping from Ahmed’s body and he was shaking with
cold. He looked up, and with a smile on his face, he said –

“Hi Mariam.”

Continue with EC – Uncertainties III, here.


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