There goes my moment!

I don’t know what I’m writing or why I’m writing it. I just know I should, because I’ve got something in me that needs to leave.

You know that feeling, that moment you feel – “This is the time... This is it”. But just when you’re about to go down on one knee and propose, some jackass does something real stupid that spoils the entire moment. Your jaw hits the floor, you’re in shock and all you’re left thinking is –

“Fuck! There goes my moment!”

Or that one time you’re on the queue to ride the Roller Coaster. Full of energy, and every single cell in your body, dead and alive, is excited and looking forward to it. BAM! Comes the mean ol’ rain spraying everything aggressively. What are you thinking?

“Fuck! There goes my moment!”

And that time you’re so excited about sharing some great news with your parents about an achievement in your life. They don’t really need to know, but you feel they should be part that memory; because it is special and means a lot to you. And what do they do? They ignore the news and by pass all the excitement and go straight to telling you what you should do on something totally unrelated which quite frankly, you don’t give a crap about.

It’s moments like this that cripple you emotionally and make you loose faith in people. You get disappointed and just don’t give a fuck anymore. Moments like this, you do much more than just keep your head down and say –



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