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Top 10 of ’08

In a few minutes, we’re going to bid farewell to the year 2008. Year 2008 has been a friend; A friend that has been there for us every second, for 365 days straight. Saying goodbye to a friend like that, knowing you’ll never see them again, ever, is very sad and emotional. In times like that, you hold on to all the good memories you shared with that friend.

It is in that spirit of farewell, that I sit here reminiscing  about my Top Ten Favorite movies of this passing year of ours, twenty-zero-eight.

With this list, I didn’t consider the writing, directing or even the acting in the movies. It was solely based on the movies I enjoyed, and not only enjoyed, but those movies I felt like rewinding and watching all over again immediately the end credits started rolling. Those are the movies worth remembering.

If you feel this list in incomplete, and feel like there’s a movie I should’ve added, feel free to tell me in the comments. And if you think this list is totally shit, well, make your own! I just did!

So with no further ado, ladies and gentlemen –

AL’s TOP 10 OF ’08!



Technically, this is a 2007 movie, I know. But it wasn’t released internationally till 2008. Still, I’ll just consider this a bonus, and not part of the 10.

10. Speed Racer

Speed Racer

True, this movie is one of the biggest flops of the year, and the fact that it got mostly negetive reviews didn’t help either. But Speed Racer is by far one of my favorites movies of the year.

I saw it once on the big screen, once on DVD ,and I’ve watched the Gran Prix from the movie more than ten times!

09. In Search of a Midnight Kiss

In Search of a midnight kiss

There is something about independent movies that I love so much, and this movie has a whole lot of that thing, whatever “that thing” is. Sure, sometimes the movie is slow, and at times the dialogue a bit tacky, but the characters feel very real, and that’s what I love so much about the movie.

I saw it on DVD twice, and I’m sure going to see it again because it’s that good.

08. Let the Right One In

Let the right one in

With “day-walkers” and glittering vampires on our screens, it’s refreshing to actually see some real vampires. Let the Right one in did just that, and boy was it disturbing!

Probably the only movie on this list I haven’t seen more than once, but the fact that it touched me in ways no other movie has secured it a place on this list.

07. Cloverfield


I remember I was with a friend last year when I first saw the trailer for this movie attached to The Transformers. After Transformers, we kept trying to remember what the name of the movie we saw the trailer of was. What we both didn’t realize at that time was the movie didn’t have a name, which was probably why we couldn’t remember. When it finally came out earlier this year, it succeeded in superseding all the hype around it and standing strong as one of the greatest, if not the greatest hand held/shaky camera movie there is!

Saw it once on the big screen, once on DVD.

06. Slumdog Millionaire

Slumdog Millionaire

You know the movie you’ll hear so much about, and when you finally see it, you feel like all that you’ve heard was just the tip of the iceberg and the movie is so much better? Well this is not that movie. With slumdog, you get exactly what you expect. But that’s not saying it’s a bad movie, no. It’s amazing! Cute story, nice visuals and a Kickass soundtrack!

I just watched this movie, but god did I wish to just rewind it and watch it all over again!

05. Man On Wire

Man On Wire

I don’t see a lot of documentaries, and the few I see tend to be boring at times, even if just a little. Man On Wire was interesting from the first shot till the very last frame! This movie wasn’t only interesting and inspiring, it was entertaining as hell! Just hearing Phillip Petite talk with such passion about his wire will put a smile on your face and motivate you to chase your dream, no matter how ridiculous it is.

04. The Fall.

The Fall

I’ve been wanting to watch this movie since I first heard about it nearly two years ago. Sometimes, the story behind the making of a movie inspires me to watch the movie, and boy does this movie have a kickass making-of story.

Sadly, it wasn’t officially released till this year, and it was totally worth the wait! The visuals are off the hook, and the little girl was just so WOW!

I’ve seen it twice, and I forsee many more future viewings. This is a classic that the next generation will talk about… Well maybe not, but it still made my cut.

03. The Wackness


This is the ultimate independent movie! Forget what I said about In Search of a midnight kiss, this movie is the shit! It perfectly captured an era, and not only were the characters real and likable, they were very much relate-able!

I’ve seen The Wackness three times already, and it gets better with every viewing!

02. The Dark Knight


Remember what I said in Slumdog Millionaire? About a movie that is over hyped but all that hype felt grossly underdone after actually seeing it? This is that movie!

I saw the Dark Knight THREE TIMES on the big screen, and I have it on DVD!

I so so so love this movie, which begs the question, If The Dark Knight  is my number two, what’s my favorite movie of the year?

01. Wall-E

Wall E

Yes, Wall-E! Oh my god this movie was so awesome!

I don’t normally like animated movies, not at all, not ever. And no disrespect to Pixar, but non of their movies ever made it into my favorites list. And I have no particular reason, I just don’t get that emotional connection that I get in watching movies with animated films… That is until this little robot came and totally won me over. To tell a romantic story with no words is beyond me, but it happened, and it was genius! The character of Wall-E was so cute – it brought me to tears! That’s as deep a connection as any movie can have with me…

Honorabe Mention:

Frost/Nixon for it’s amazing dialogue.
JCVD for doing to Van Damme what The Wrestler did for Mickey Rouke.
Iron Man for making me believe in Superhero movies.
Tropic Thunder for giving me the laugh of my life.
And Milk for Sean Penn’s amazing performance.

I haven’t seen The Wrestler yet, but knowing Darren Aronofsky, I’m sure  it’s going to be a great movie that’ll probably depress the shit out of me.

So… this is it! Farewell my good friend, and I will always treasure these gifts of yours to me with all my heart!

Now… where 2009 at?


Motorola Is A Bitch, or High Phone Traffic Day

So there I  was, in the kitchen, cooking and minding my own business when all of a sudden, this tomato I was about to slice starts shouting,

“Wait! WAIT! WAIT!!!”

I freaked out! I have never heard a tomato talk before, let alone shout.

It was in that state of bewilderment that I said,


“I have one last dying wish”, the Tomato said.

“What?”, In a confused state of mind, you can only speak in single words.

“Call her Al. Call Barbie.”

This Tomato is crazy, I though. How did It know Barbie?

“How did you know Barbie?”, I asked.

The little fucker smirked, and casually ignoring my question said,

“Call her”

“I called her on Friday, but she neither answered nor returned the call”, I protested.

It started laughing. It laughed hard. It laughed so hard ketchup started coming out the top of Its head.

Dazed and confused, I asked,

“Do you know something I don’t?”

“Al, there are probably a lot of things I know that you don’t”, this was a smart ass Tomato. “But what you need to know now, because you need to know, is that Motorola is a bitch!”

I was in a state that can only be described as the lovechild of “madness” and “bewilderment”. My phone was a Motorola.

This smart ass tomato can’t just go around insulting people’s phones? It has to be stopped!

“You can’t just go around insulting people’s phones! You have to be stopped!”

I was ready to put my knife and slice the little fucker in half when,

“Relax big guy,” the Tomato pleaded with me, “It’s not Motorola I’m insulting, it’s their fucking Call Log!”

I didn’t follow.

“I don’t follow”

“You see, the log can only hold a maximum of 30 Dialed, Missed and Received Calls… or maybe even less”, It explained.

I use the bloody phone for crying out loud, so I know. But what has that got to do with anything?

“I know, but what has that got to do with anything?”

The Tomato looked at me. I think it was pity I saw in Its eyes.

“You’re not a smart one, are you?”, It said.

That was definitely pity.

The thought of a tomato that knows it is going to be in a soup by the end of the day feeling sorry for me was depressing, yet enlightening at the same time.

So like a good student on the road to enlightenment, I said,

“For the sake of this argument, let’s say I’m not. So please tell me, what has the Call Log got to do with anything?”

“You called her on Friday right”, my Sensei Tomato explained, “But before she saw the missed call, a hundred random guys called and wiped everyone, along with you and seventy percent of themselves off the Call Log. So you see, she never even knew you called”

Hallucegenic Tomato

For a tomato, my master was an enlightened one. It was the Buddha of tomatoes.

And It was right, Fridays are high phone traffic days for Barbie. I know this because she told me, but how did this tomato know?

“How did you know all these things?”

“I know, because you know”


“Al, I am you.”


Like I said, in a confused state of mind, you can only speak in single words.

“Let me put it this way: If this is fight club, I’m your Tyler Durden!”


It was exactly at that moment that I realized, fulfilling the last wish of a dying tomato is the least of my worries!